Macocha Abyss - Moravian Karst

The Macocha Abyss is more than 138.5 meters deep and is the largest abyss of its kind ("Light hole") in the Czech Republic and in Central Europe. The upper part of the abyss is 174 meters long and 76 meters wide. At the edge of the abyss are two observation bridges. The first one was built in 1882 - it is located at the highest point. The second one dates from 1899, is located 92 meters above the bottom of the abyss and is very well visible from the bottom.

Punkva Cave

Punkve Caves are the most popular caves in the Moravian Karst - they are located two kilometers from Skalní Mlýn and are accessible through the entrance in the wall of the karst canyon Pustý žleb. They gained their popularity thanks to the fact that they allow visitors to get to the bottom of the Macocha abyss and at the same time take a romantic boat trip on the underground river Punkva. The most important tourist caves of the Moravian Karst are visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.